20 Dollar Boss

Question: what would you do with $20? Go out for brunch? Order pizza with the family?

More interestingly, what do you think a student from Year 9 or 10 would do with it? Spend it on gaming accessories, or the latest fashion trend? Would you expect them to start a business? Well, that’s exactly what our aspiring and enterprising students at MCS are doing.

Medowie Christian School has joined The Foundation for Young Australians $20 Boss initiative, in partnership with CommBank. It is a six-week program where students are loaned $20 to start a business. This is a tangible business proposition that comes with the risk of the unknown. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their business during a Market Day, at the end of the program.

Businesses created by MCS students include services such as website development, up-cycled clothing, and also car washing and yard maintenance. These enterprising students are responsible for their own business plans, business management and financial accountability. They also must consider re-investment of funds to build profit once the business is running.

Our students are exercising their God-given leadership skills by making bookings, creating loyalty programs, fulfilling orders and actual physical hard work. They are learning about the significance of teamwork, and managing the expectations of each other as well as themselves in a business environment. They’re even learning how to manage sick days or conflicting commitments to keep customers happy.

Throughout this process, our students are learning skills that can be applied in the classroom, to their learning, and certainly as they grow throughout their lives into adept and agile professionals.

All profits made by Medowie Christian School will be going towards Stanley -an old caravan students are transforming into a cafe-van on school grounds, which will provide coffee and light meals to our internal school community.

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Let's Get Down to Business...