mcs+Primary Students

Borderless learning at Medowie Christian school is built upon the belief that all students have unique talents and that all students can learn. We recognise that the traditional model of education does not fit all students. Likewise, the complexities of modern-day life present a variety of challenges for many families. Our borderless learning platform, mcs+ offers an alternative learning experience for those families and students – one that knows no bounds.

An important element of borderless learning though mcs+, is the priority that we place on the development of relationships between students who are learning off site and their peers who are learning on campus. We are intentional in the way we create opportunities for students to connect with each other and build friendships. We value diversity and the inclusion of all students and we are flexible with the way we allow students to engage in all aspects of school life. Students who are learning from afar will have the opportunity to join their on-campus peers throughout the year to take part in residential learning sessions. These sessions will have a focus on building community and relationships. They will include school excursions, sports carnivals, community events and classroom learning experiences.

When it comes to borderless learning, families and students will be able to choose the option that best fits their needs. There is the option to engage in the full curriculum through mcs+, where students will have the opportunity to access the complete educational experience. Or, for those who wish to enrol only in the foundational subjects of literacy and numeracy, these are also available as single-subject enrolments.

Our cutting-edge pedagogical practice is delivered seamlessly through adaptive and responsive technology offered to all students who enrol in mcs+. Students who are enrolled as a full-time student through mcs+ will be provided with their own 10.9 inch Apple iPad Air and keyboard. This will provide them with tools they need to access their learning and connect to the classroom, their teacher and their on-campus peers. Students who opt to enrol in the single subjects of literacy and numeracy will have the option to lease a school iPad or they can choose to use their own device, provided it meets a list of minimum specifications.

The on-demand elements of mcs+ allows students to play, pause, rewind and replay a lesson as needed. This enables students take ownership of their learning and gives them flexibility to move through the lessons at their own pace. Additionally, the synchronous elements of mcs+ allows students learning from afar to connect with their peers and be active participants in the classroom, essentially removing the four walls to make learning borderless.

Out approach to literacy instruction at Medowie Christian School is first class. All of our primary staff are trained in Sounds Write and we utilise a systematic synthetic phonics approach to teaching reading and spelling. In addition to this, all of our early year’s teachers are trained in the use of Heggerty’s Phonemic Awareness. Our approach to literacy instruction involves explicit daily teaching encompassing the big ideas of reading (Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Morphology, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension) and writing. We have a focus on translating the science of reading and writing research into classroom practice both on campus and through mcs+. For all students, including those who have additional learning needs, we provide instruction using the best, research aligned programs and practices available.

Medowie Christian School borderless learning provides students the ability to learn anywhere and access numeracy instruction aligned with current research. Instruction utilises the resources in the Stepping Stones Program from Origo Education to provide a flexible digital learning experience for all students. In addition, students are provided with access to either Mathletics or Maths online subscriptions to further tailor their digital learning to their needs. Staff at Medowie Christian School have a commitment to ongoing professional learning involving the translation of best practice research into classroom experiences that support all students to become strong communicators who are able to apply creative and critical thinking to a range of mathematical situations.

Our goal here at Medowie Christian School is to create world changers and influencers. Our Christ Centred approach to learning values the uniqueness of all students. We are delighted to be able to welcome more families to our school community through our borderless learning platform, mcs+.

It’s Distance Education, but not as you know it.

  • "While 2020 has been a year like no other, it has also presented us with opportunities we hadn’t thought to explore before or even realise were possible. The COVID-19 global pandemic has helped us realise the importance of technology in breaking down physical and geographical barriers and improving accessibility to receive a quality education virtually. I welcome the introduction of distance learning as a permanent opportunity at Medowie Christian School and believe it is a wonderful asset to the education space. Providing quality education to children and preparing them for the future is vital to securing our prosperity in years to come. I look forward to welcoming the future distance education students to Medowie Christian School and to the Port Stephens community."
    Mayor Ryan Palmer
    Port Stephens Council
  • Adjunct Professor, Phil Lambert
    "Medowie Christian School impresses me on so many levels and in so many ways. It consistently gets the balances right by: being innovative in its programs while giving focussed attention to the development of students' fundamental skills and knowledge; unequivocally embedding its values in all that it does; putting the needs, interests and aspirations of students, teachers and parents/carers at the forefront; and actively equipping its students with the competencies they need to thrive in life and work beyond school."
    Adjunct Professor, Phil Lambert
    University of Sydney
  • "Preparing our amazing young people for their futures in a highly interconnected world takes a school that provides relevance, rigour and relationships. Medowie Christian School is evolving its teaching and learning environment making it a national leader in connecting the opportunities of face-to-face learning with the flexibility of engaging hybrid platforms. For too long schools have been places young people go to watch their teachers work. Medowie Christian is committed to providing a caring community with deep learning utilising the best features of the emerging technologies in school, at home and wherever the learning is best suited to take place. I am excited about how the talented staff are embracing the changing nature of our society while keeping high academic expectations and strong pastoral care no matter what format a student is engaging to study at a given time."
    Pro Vice-Chancellor John Fischetti
    University of Newcastle
  • "Medowie Christian School has again proven itself as a trailblazer in education, becoming among the first independent schools in NSW to be NESA-accredited to offer the HSC via distance education. I am excited to see mcs+ become a reality. There is great demand for this among our elite young sports players who crave quality learning experiences while focusing on their training. This innovative offering means this state's dedicated and talented sporting boys and girls do not have to sacrifice education for the game."

    Lawrie McKinna
    Newcastle Jets