Work Experience

At MCS, we encourage students in Years 9-12 to undertake Work Experience at least once during their time at school. Students are able to identify a career that interests them and then work in that industry for a week. This continues to be an invaluable experience for our students, as they are able to see the reality of their chosen industry and engage in real world learning and problem solving.

Work Experience is the responsibility of the student to organise, and we are here to assist at any step of the process. We are incredibly thankful to the organisations that dedicate their time to assisting our students on their journey to discover their career aspirations.

Please see below for the forms for completion for undertaking Work Experience, and contact us at any stage for assistance and guidance.

Kristin Bell
Stage 6 Coordinator / Careers Advisor
Email Mrs Bell

Are you in 14 years or older? Do you want to undertake work experience? Please follow this list to ensure that your experience is as easy as possible. Please note that work experience is not compulsory. There are no set times / dates that you have to attend, however, YOU MUST check with your teachers that the dates you are planning to be on work experience are ok for work due, and you must catch up on work missed.

1. Organising Work Experience

  • Check with your parents and see if there are certain dates the you cannot undertake work experience (eg. Family holiday)
  • Check on the school calendar if you have any excursions / camps / assessments due on any dates and make a list of your available dates.
  • Where are you undertaking work experience? This is up to YOU to organise and make contact with the company directly. Please see a form below for examples of what to say. Call them directly.
  • Once the employer has accepted having you for work experience, please forward the Host Employer Application. Once they have hit ‘submit’ it will come straight back to us. Click here to view our insurance certificate of currency
  • In the mean time, please have your parents fill out the Work Experience - Parent Consent Form. When they hit ‘submit’ it will be forwarded to MCS.
  • Put in your diary a record of dates.
  • Congratulations – you have finished Step 1.
  • 2. Undertaking Work Experience

  • You must keep an electronic diary of your week of work. This is found below called Work Experience Diary. This is due back at the completion of your work experience.
  • At some stage throughout the week, a staff member will contact your workplace either in person, via Zoom or phone to talk with both you and your employer about your performance so far, and discuss any possible issues. Teachers use this link: Work Experience - Teacher Check-In Form
  • You must ensure that all work is completed in your absence.
  • 3. After work experience

  • Employers to fill out the form Work Experience – Employer Evaluation Report
  • Below you will find the appropriate forms which can be filled out online to either register your interest or record your work experience activity.
    All forms will be directed to our Careers Advisor, Mrs Bell.

    For Students

    Careers Tools Website Work Experience Diary Self Reflection Form Examples of how to contact Employers to arrange Work Experience

    For Employers

    Work Experience - Host Employer Application Work Experience - Employer Evaluation Report Work Experience - Record of Daily Activities

    For Parents

    Work Experience - Parent Consent Form

    For Teachers

    Work Experience - Teacher Check In Form Work Experience - Student Checklist Form