Medowie Christian School is a healthy, thriving educational centre, delivering quality education for students from
Prep to Year 12.

Here at Medowie Christian School we aim to provide your child with a positive, safe, nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment in which student learning is maximized.

We understand and recognise that each child is uniquely created by God with different gifts, areas of interest and various learning styles.

Apart from home, school is the single most important place in the lives of children. Their experience of school will play a vital part in their lives and will determine their academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being well into their future.

Our academic programs are based on The NSW Education Standards Authority [NESA] and are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to master foundational skills in all aspects of the curriculum, with particular focus on literacy and numeracy.

Additional support is provided for students by our learning enhancement team through tailored programs and students are also extended through literacy and maths enrichment classes by our literacy and numeracy directors.

The unity we enjoy in our school flows from a sound understanding of the biblical principles taught for resolving conflict through our Peacemakers Program.

Students are also equipped with the skills that underpin resiliency, being the capacity to bounce back after encountering problems, difficulties and down times through our Bounce back program.

In partnership with parents we are committed to lovingly guide each child in a Christ - centred school which nurtures uniqueness, inspires greatness and enriches community.

Mrs Sue Davis
Head of Primary

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