mcs+ Secondary Students

Distance education is not our thing- building learning relationships is our passion. We understand that the key to our learners’ success is the connections they make. We now have the technology that allows us to build relationships everywhere, no longer restrained by boundaries. We can provide a thriving learning setting that knows no borders.

Our Borderless Learning strategy offers students the opportunity to engage with both live and on-demand lesson material to study at an appropriate pace. We are accredited to provide courses from Year 7 right through to the HSC, and students can enrol with us as a full-time student or enrol in a single course.

Single course enrolment could allow students studying elsewhere to gain access to a course they are highly passionate about if it is not being offered at their current school and complete this course through to the HSC. Students will be supported by experienced and innovative staff who will guide them in their learning journey.

Our MCS+ strategy aims to create a sense of belonging to the broader school community through residential experiences with us on-site and a highly collaborative digital platform for students. Our Borderless approach to learning, connecting, and growing is for those who desire to take greater control of their education and engage in an authentic learning experience reflective of the world to come.

Junior Secondary
Our 7-10 learning program prioritises flexibility and connection. Our Secondary students can expect to connect with their teachers regularly using synchronous and on-demand (asynchronous) learning tools.

We know that students need more than just a digital version of the classroom; our dynamic technology stack, coupled with our experienced teaching team, means we can structure tangible and concise teaching moments with sequential learning goals. Students then investigate course content through discussion, experimentation, guided instruction, fieldwork, research, and independent learning. Teachers assess students’ understanding of learning in multiple ways to drive the next round of learning and exploration.

Senior Secondary (HSC)
In addition to the above, our Year 11 and 12 program offers a broader range of courses to study that equip students to enter the workforce immediately after school or be prepared to pursue further studies at University or TAFE. As students progress into their senior years, courses and patterns of study become more individualised, with elective subjects seeking to align with students’ passions. Students are encouraged to continue to invest time in extra-curricular opportunities.

Senior learning is designed for synergy, innovation, and flexibility. We generate emotional thought moments, where our students are stakeholders, active in their education—providing essential skills to communicate in the world beyond school. As such, we understand the need for connection. Our Borderless Learning team actively seeks out opportunities to bring the classroom to the world.
For our senior students to journey towards creating positive change in the world, we understand the need to communicate with a range of audiences using a wide variety of modes, having an understanding of form and function when designing their meaning and personal message. Our mindset is infinite, and we strive to model the way, critically refining and evaluating, teaching students to ask "Why" often and always. It’s Distance Education, but not as you know it.