Medowie Christian School is a healthy, thriving educational centre, delivering quality education for students from
Prep to Year 12.

“Teaching is a creative profession, not a delivery system. Great teachers mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage.” Sir Ken Robinson via TED #WeLeadEd

At Medowie Christian School we know that every child is unique and we take the time to get to know them. We want every child to reach their potential in all areas of their life, to be in “their element”; whether that be performing in the arts, competing on the sporting field, serving others in the community or achieving academic excellence. Children are more than brains on a stick and our commitment is to work with families and the children themselves to bring out their best in every area of their lives. It is well documented that the skills of the 21st century are more than factual knowledge itself. In an age in which children can Google how to do brain surgery, the ability to work with others to generate new ways of manipulating knowledge are the necessary skills. These are the 6 C’s from Michael Fullan’s work of Character, Citizenship, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

In a world of polarities we believe it is the “AND” of life that is important. We embrace the modern technologies of coding, robotics, drones and iPads. AND we also embrace children having free play in a construction zone filled with wood, rope, pipe, pallets and stackable containers. We believe in laying the academic foundations of the basics AND we also believe in providing time and space for children to engage in Passion Projects to pursue topics of interest. We believe in learning as outlined by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA). AND we also believe in children creating their own learning as they tend gardens, build mountain bike tracks, run science expos for local child care centres and present learning expos to their community.

All of this comes from our core values which infuse everything we do as a school. Our central value is that of being Christ Centred. In the words often attributed to St Francis of Assissi – “Preach the gospel and if necessary use words”. As well as presenting children with the Christian faith, it is our actions that must also live out these beliefs. We want to create and continuously strive to create, a place where community is enriched, uniqueness is nurtured and greatness is inspired.

Ian Price
Head of Primary

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