MCS Sport Programs

Medowie Christian School is committed to encouraging all students to find their passion and gifts to enhance their sporting ability.
We are always looking to offer unique experiences for our students. Through sport, we endeavour to build each student’s physical, social, cognitive, emotional and spiritual skills.
We believe that by learning these skills and attitudes, our students will gain the confidence and capability to join in a variety of activities – enabling them to live active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Gala days / School Carnivals

Please note, all HRIS sports have been cancelled for 2020. We are looking forward and planning for HRIS sport to resume in 2021.

We offer a wide range of representative sports through Hunter Region Independent Schools (HRIS) and other inter schools competitions, some of these include: Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Soccer, Futsal, Netball, Basketball, Mountain Biking, Equestrian, Cheer leading, Tennis and Softball.

To find more information about our school Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals, please click on the tabs above.

Our representative pathways are through:

  • HRIS 'Hunter Region Independent Schools' (HRIS)
  • CIS
  • For all notes and information, parents can find this in their 'Parent Lounge'. For students, they can find this in their 'Student Cafe'.

    MCS Swimming Carnivals

    Primary date: Thursday 13th Feb

    Location: Lakeside Leisure Centre, Raymond Terrace

    Primary Swimming results

    Secondary date: Friday 14th Feb

    Location: Lakeside Leisure Centre, Raymond Terrace

    Secondary Swimming Results

    School Swimming Records

    HRIS Swimming Information:

    Secondary : HRIS Secondary Swimming Carnival

    Primary: HRIS Primary Swimming Carnival

    2020 Age Champions:


    Girls: 8y: Isabella Butterfield 9y: Amber Vichie 10y: Bethany Gibson 11y: Ivy Nesbitt 12y: Ella Hirschausen

    Boys: 8y: Boston O'Donoghue 9y: Diyah Brown 10y: Noah Pettit 11y: Ted Halpin 12y: Hayden Kerber


    Girls: 12y: Ellen Sansom 13y: Ashley Vetter 14y: Tiarna Chester 15y: Skye McHugh 16y: Kayla Fletcher 17y: Mia Lilley 18y: Jade Keher

    Boys: 12y: Bailey Eyrich 13y: Joshua Lee 14y: Divan Bezuidenhout 15y: Mathew Serret 16y: William Vetter 17y: Reuben Blatch 18y: Chris Woodfield

    Combined Primary & Secondary 2020
  • Williams - 854
  • Allyn - 830
  • Paterson - 708
  • Hunter - 430
  • MCS Cross Country Carnival

    Date: Friday 13th March

    Location: Riverside Park, Raymond Terrace

    2020 Program

    2020 Results

    Please note: Students from year 9 and up needed to opt in if they wanted a timing chip.

    HRIS Cross Country Information:

    Secondary : HRIS Secondary CC Carnival - CANCELLED

    Primary: HRIS Primary CC Carnival - CANCELLED

    2020 Age Champions:


    Girls 8y: Stephanie Wilson 9y: Elouise Grills 10y: Matilda Hanlon 11y: Sally Morgan 12y: Chelsea Morgan

    Boys 8y: Jeremy Serret 9y: Francis O'Neill 10y: Samuel Grugeon 11y: Hugo Klopper 12y: Harry Leggatt


    Girls: 12y: Amelia Henning 13y: Ashleigh Vetter 14y: Mikaela Munro 15y: Olivia Vanderkroft 16y: Poppy Verhaar 18y: Madeliene Galloway

    Boys: 12y: Bailey Eyrich 13y: Nicholas Vichie 14y: Max Hoogland 15y: Matthew Serret 16y: Liam Eade 17y: Elijah Walter 18y: Zachary Serret

    Cross Country House Champions 2020

  • William - 198
  • Hunter - 195
  • Paterson - 190
  • Allyn - 171
  • MCS Athletics Carnival

    Cancelled for 2020



    HRIS Athletics Information:

    Secondary : HRIS Secondary Athletics Carnival

    Primary: HRIS Primary Athletics Carnival

    2020 Age Champions:


    Girls 8y: 9y: 10y: 11y: 12y:

    Boys 8y: 9y: 10y: 11y: 12y:


    Girls: 12y: 13y: 14y: 15y: 16y: 17y: 18y:

    Boys: 12y: 13y: 14y: 15y: 16y: 17y: 18y:

    School Athletic Records

    Athletics House Champions 2020

  • William -
  • Paterson -
  • Hunter -
  • Allyn -
  • Athlete Development Program

    In addition to school based team training, MCS invests in individual development for students who have a passion to development their talent in sport. This is called our 'Athlete Development Program'. All the ADP details are below:

    Our Athlete Development Program will be continuing in 2021.

    PLEASE NOTE: 2021 applications will be open in term 4.

    ADP details

    Who: Current MCS or prospective students from Years 6 to Year 10 in 2021


    2021 program includes:

  • Sport specific information sessions. Each term, students will be focusses on one of the Areas of Engagement (Physical, Recovery, Psychology).

  • Australian Institute of Sport training/sport educational camp – 3 day based at the AIS in Canberra (This camp is ran every second year, next camp is 2022).

  • ADP sports shirt (2XU)

  • Sport specific testing - see video below

  • Sports Professionals:

  • Connor Gleadhill –

  • Simon Ashley -

  • Areas of Engagement

  • Physical elements: Areas of engagement: Cardio Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Agility/Coordination, Speed and Stability/Balance

  • Recovery: Areas of engagement: Sleep, Nutrition, Massage, Compressions and Cold/hot water immersion

  • Psychology: Areas of engagement: Confidence, Engagement/enjoyment, Self-perception/regulation, Mental Toughness, Focusing and dealing with distractions and Motivation.

  • Sport Development Programs

    In addition to HRIS carnivals and gala days, MCS invests in extra development in a number of sports. These fall under our 'Sport Development programs'. All our SDP are below:

    We are pleased to announce that all our Sport Development Programs will be starting up again in term 3.

    All programs will be adhering to all safety measures from authorises.

    Mountain Biking (MTB)

    We offer a number of opportunities for our MTB riders, these consist of:

    Head Coach: Coleen Boyes - Coaching profile

  • Weekly coaching for both primary & secondary students, boys and girls (inside school hours)

  • Lunchtime riding

  • We are very lucky to have our own MTB track that consists of a XC track and jumps/flow track. Students take pride in being a part of the track building process.

  • Competitions: Students enter the Inter-schools at Thredbo Mountain as well as local competitions.

  • MTB Camp: We hold a MTB camp to Thredbo Mountain (This camp is ran every second year, next cap is in 2021).

  • MCS is an offical 'School of Merit' of Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).

  • MCS students and their families also enjoy a 10% discount off new bikes at 'Cheeky Bikes'

  • Football (Soccer) / Futsal

    We offer a number of opportunities for our football and futsal players, these consist of:

    Head Coach: Daegal Richardson (Level B accreditation)- Former junior coach of The Jets and Mariners.

  • Weekly coaching for both primary & secondary students, boys and girls (inside school hours)

  • Competitions: Students compete within the HRIS competition. We also enter a number of external futsal soccer competitions.

  • Coaching days: Each term, students have the opportunity to participate in a coaching day.

  • Cheer

    Cheer Leading is a fast growing sport. We are very lucky to have access to a Cheer gym and a experience instructor.

    Head Coach: Miss Kiah from iDance Performance Co

  • Weekly coaching for both primary & secondary in 2021 (inside school hours)

  • Competitions: Starting in 2020, students will be working on performances to enter competitions.

  • Coaching days: Each term, students have the opportunity to participate in a coaching day.

  • Cheer Camp: Stay tune, we are working on giving our students the opportunity to attend a Cheer camp. More information will be out soon.

  • Equestrian

    Our Equestrian Team is growing fast. We have a number of passionate staff and parents willing to support the students within this sport. Our students have the opportunity to:

    Head Coach: Liz Mudd - EA Level 1 Dressage coach

  • Weekly coaching: Please note, this is held after school hours.

  • Competitions: Students compete in local competitions. In 2021, MCS will be hosting an Equestrian competition for our region.

  • Friday Sport: Students have the ability to leave school early on Fridays to ride.

  • Basketball

    The MCS Basketball Developmental program is commencing in Term 3. Details below:


    - Chris Brown - Coaching profile

    - Jakob Dorricott - Coaching profile

  • Weekly coaching:

  • Who: Years: 4, 5 & 6 (Primary) & Years 7 & 8 (Secondary) - for both boys and girls.

  • When: Monday 3.30 - 5pm (starting term 3 - Monday 27th July)

  • Competitions: We will be entering the weekly school sport program with HRIS, starting in term 3. We will be entering Stage 4 boys and girls teams. This will run weekly into term 4. More information will be out shortly.

  • MCS Sports Partnerships

    MCS is pleased to be able to partner with a number of businesses to compliment our sporting programs. Each partner provides MCS students & parents with a 10% off their services & products.

    Please note: Terrace Physio Plus services are only physio & massage.

    Terrace Physio Plus

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    Ckeeky Logo

    Cheeky Bikes

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