MCS Sport Programs

Medowie Christian School is passionate about encouraging all students to find their passion and gifting’s to enhance their sporting potential.

We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities within our PDHPE and representitive pathways. We also focus on a number of sport where we bring in professional coaches. These programs are called our 'Sports Acadmey Programs'.

Our programs enhance students skills, attitudes and knowledge to give them confidence and motivation to enjoy physical activity, whether at an elite level or just for enjoyment.

We are always looking to offer unique experience for our students. We have a number of sports that we are focus on giving our students professional training from professional coaches. These programs are placed within our ‘Academy Program’.

Through sport, we endeavour to build each students Physical, Social, Cognitive, Emotional and Spiritual skills. We believe that by learning these skills and attitudes, our students will gain the confidence and capability to join in a variety of activities – enabling them to live active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

MCS representative pathways is through: HRIS 'Hunter Region Independent Schools' (HRIS), AICES , CIS.

Elite Athlete Assistance Program

Who: Current MCS or prospective students from Years 6 to Year 10 in 2020

Cost: $800 per year (Per term ($200) or one off payment)

Our first EAAP session will be open to all students interested in this program. It will be held in term 1 at Atune Health with Simon Ashley (ex-professional tennis player and owner of Atune Health). More details will be out in term 1, 2020


  • Sport specific information sessions (14 sessions throughout the year) with sport professionals (see below).
  • 1 hour sessions to half day sessions (scope and sequence on the next page). Hosted at school and offsite.
  • Australian Institute of Sport training/sport educational camp – 4 day based at the AIS in Canberra (term 3).
  • EAAP sports kit – 2XU: training shorts, training shirt and recovery compressions.
  • Sports Professionals:

  • Connor Gleadhill –
  • Simon Ashley -
  • Each term, we will be focusing on 3 elements, based around a 2 year cycle. These elements are based around the ‘Australian Sports Commission - Physical Literacy’:

  • Physical elements: Areas of engagement: Cardio Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Agility/Coordination, Speed and Stability/Balance
  • Recovery: Areas of engagement: Sleep, Nutrition, Massage, Compressions and Cold/hot water immersion
  • Psychology: Areas of engagement: Confidence, Engagement/enjoyment, Self-perception/regulation, Mental Toughness, Focusing and dealing with distractions and Motivation.
  • 2019/2020 EAAP Scope & sequence

    2019 - Term 4

  • EAAP Applications open
  • Parent information afternoon
  • Students selected into the EAAP
  • 2020 - Term 1

  • Official Launch - afternoon tea at Pacific Dunes with students and parents
  • 4 EAAP sessions (2 onsite / 2 offsite)
  • Term 2
  • 4 EAAP sessions (2 onsite / 2 offsite)
  • Term 3
  • 3 EAAP sessions (2 onsite / 1 offsite)
  • Australian Institute of Sport – Training/Sports educational camp
  • Term 4
  • 3 EAAP sessions (1 onsite / 2 offsite)
  • Thredbo MTB Camp

    In 2020, MCS will once again be heading down to Thredbo Mountain for a MTB camp.

    Thredbo MTB Camp - note CLICK HERE

    Cheer Tour to the USA

    In 2021, MCS is excited to be taking a group of MCS students to the USA. More information will be out very soon.


    Weekly Sports Development Programs

    MCS is excited to be making available weekly sports training for all students.

    Each week you will be able to book specific training in the following sports:

  • MTB
  • Cheer/Dance
  • Soccer/Futsal
  • Equestrian
  • To find out more or to book you spot, please call the front office


    Mountain Bike Program

    MCS is a Official School of Merit through MTBA

    MTB Coach: Coleen Boyes - HMBA Hunter Mountain Bike Association

  • Specialised coaching program (primary & secondary students)
  • Specialised MTB after school fitness training
  • Specialised MTB camp to Thredbo (Term 1)
  • MTB track at school to ride
  • Luchtime riding groups
  • For more information, check out the MCS Student/Parent MTB webpage.

    MCS Student/Parent MTB webpage


    Football (Soccer) & Futsal Program

    Head Coach: Daegal Richardson (Former coach at Newcastle Jets & Central Coast Mariners)

  • Specialised training program (primary & secondary U15)
  • We are proud to host Northern NSW Futsal competitions in our school hall, giving our students the opportunity to play futsal within our local community -
  • ____________________________________________________________________________

    Running/Fitness/Strength Programs

    Fitness Coach: Ellie Burke - The Conditioning Club

  • Individual training available (before & after school)
  • Group session (Fridays - secondary only)
  • ____________________________________________________________________________

    Cheerleading Program

    Cheer Coach: Kiah - iDance Performance Co

  • Primary Squad (Secondary in 2020)
  • Squads preform at a number of school and external events
  • ____________________________________________________________________________

    After School programs
  • Specialised MTB after school fitness training - Mondays - 3.15-4.00pm
  • Cross Country training - Terms 1 & 2 only
  • We encourage all students & their families to attend their local Park Run. Join our Park Run group: ‘MCS Running Club’
  • ____________________________________________________________________________

    Parents ‘Top 10’ tips to nurture and support your child’s sporting development

    All parents want to make the right decisions for and with their child. Here are the Australian Institute of Sport top 10 tips for parents to nurture and support their child’s sporting development.

    Parent Tips - Click Here

    2019 Age Champions:


    Girls: 8y: Yoko Poolkerd, 9y: Bethany Gibson, 10y: Angel Gray, 11y: Ella Hirschausen, 12y: Zarli Knowles

    Boys: 8y: Diyah Brown, 9y: Max Knowles, 10y: Joshua Thompson, 11y: Callum Donaldson, 12y: Joshua Lee


    Girls: 12y: Ashleigh Vetter, 13y: Tiarna Chester, 14y: Skye McHugh, 15y: Kayla Fletcher, 16y: Mia Lilley, 17y: Jade Keher, 18y: Bronwyn Standing

    Boys: 12y: Joshua Edwards, 13y: Lzac Lavender, 14y: Jobe Hirschausen, 15y: William Vetter, 16y: Reuben Blatch, 17y: Christopher Woodfield, 18y: Cooper Floyer-Kell

    Combined Primary & Secondary 2019

    Williams - 980

    Allyn - 748

    Hunter - 563

    Paterson - 428

    School Swimming Records

    2019 Age Champions:


    Girls 8y: Amber Vichie, 9y: Matilda Hanlon, 10y: Sally Morgan, 11y: Chelsea Morgan, 12y: Ivy Hanlon

    Boys 8y: Francis O'Neill, 9y: Samuel Grugeon, 10y: Ben Vetter, 11y: Robert Cook, 12y: Nicholas Vichie


    Girls: 12y: Ashleigh Vetter, 13y: Emily Gallaway, 14y: Scarlett Vetter, 15y: Poppy Verhaar, 16y: Lola Green, 17y: Madeleine Gallaway, 18y: Bronwyn Standing

    Boys: 12y: Fergus Colquhoun, 13y: William Ireland, 14y: Matthew Serret, 15y: Shannon Goddard, 16y: Elijah Walter, 17y: Jordan Eade, 18y: Dylan Delaporte

    Cross Country House Champions 2019

    • William - 254
    • Hunter - 238
    • Allyn - 196
    • Paterson - 192

    2019 Results

    2019 Age Champions:


    Girls 8y: Yoko Poolkerd, 9y: Matilda Hanlon, 10y: Sally Morgan, 11y: Tareisha Ross, 12y: Anjah Jedniuk

    Boys 8y: Max Kennedy, 9y: Noah Pettit, 10y: Ben Vetter, 11y: Andy Gill, 12y: Lucas Caines


    Girls: 12y: Ashleigh Vetter, 13y: Lilly Fletcher, 14y: Danielle Woolard, 15y: Poppy Verhaar, 16y: Mia Lilley, 17y: Jessica Lutz, 18y: Bronwyn Standing

    Boys: 12y: Ronan Aisabie, 13y: Divan Bezuidenhout, 14y: Jobe Hirschausen, 15y: William Vetter, 16y: Reuben Blatch, 17y: Zachary Serret, 18y: Cooper Floyer-Kell

    School Athletic Records

    Athletics House Champions 2019

    • William -2612
    • Paterson - 2402
    • Hunter - 2087
    • Allyn - 1546
    HRIS Athletics Information:

    Secondary : HRIS Secondary Athletics Carnival Results (From Div 1&2)

    Primary: HRIS Primary Athletics Carnival Results (From Div 1&2)

    MCS Sports Partnerships

    MCS is pleased to be able to partner with a number of businesses to compliment our sporting programs. Each partner provides MCS students & parents with a 10% off their services & products.

    Please note: Terrace Physio Plus services are only physio & massage.

    Terrace Physio Plus

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    Ckeeky Logo

    Cheeky Bikes

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