Medowie Christian School is a healthy, thriving educational centre, delivering quality education for students from
Prep to Year 12.

Medowie Christian School offers a safe, nurturing, stimulating and innovative Prep environment, which promotes play-based learning and school readiness while fostering a passion for discovery.

Setting Foundations

Medowie Christian School’s Prep program aims to nurture the uniqueness of each child and develop their spark for learning in the year before school. Our innovative Prep program teaches Early Stage 1 syllabus outcomes and provides children with the best possible foundation for a successful learning journey. Our university-trained early-childhood specialist educator works alongside a qualified Teaching Assistant in order to facilitate a successful and smooth start to formal schooling for every child.

How We Teach

The Prep classroom is an exciting and engaging place, where play is valued. The program allows children to explore and learn pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills in many different hands-on, experimental and play-oriented practices as well as become accustomed to the routines of school life. Our Prep program introduces children to the internationally recognised Sounds-Write literacy program to set the early foundations of vital literacy skills.

The Prep program is designed for children to attend in the year before they commence Kindergarten and all children must turn 4 by March 31 in order to attend Prep.

The Prep program operates in two groups. One group comes each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the second group each Thursday and Friday.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is designed using NESA Early Stage One content to develop:

  • Positive attitudes to self and others based on strong Christian values
  • Positive attitudes to learning including problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Independence and an understanding of the need for self-discipline
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • A range of cognitive skills through experiences in language, mathematics, science, music, art, drama, dance, literature, social and cultural studies and technology
  • Positive and caring attitudes towards the environment
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